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Chris Framness Esq

Chris Framness is the founder and owner of the law firm and specializes in the areas of family law, criminal defense, contracts, and estate planning. Chris was born and raised in Marshfield, WI and as the son of a chiropractor who served the Marshfield area for over XX years it gives Chris great pride to continue serving the Marshfield area.

Chris moved to Minneapolis for law school and gained experience in the areas of personal injury and medical malpractice by researching and helping to develop legal strategies with Minneapolis attorneys for arbitration, insurance, and settlement negotiations. Later, Chris worked as a staff clerk for the Department of Human Services Appeals Division and drafted opinions and orders on issues involving family law, child services, and disability assistance and service issues.

After law school, Chris worked as a Compliance Specialist for a Wisconsin bank with nearly a billion dollars in assets by consulting executives, managers, and their staff about updates and changes to financial regulations.

After passing the WI bar exam, Chris moved back to Marshfield and realized there was a growing need in the community for quality attorney services and has proudly served the clients all over Wisconsin on a variety of matters since August 2018.

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Chris Framness of Framness Law of Marshfield Wisconsin