Frequently asked questions

Whether you need an attorney depends on legal issues you are facing. If you feel like you might need an attorney you have nothing to lose by contacting Framness Law Office for a free initial consultation. I am happy to meet with anyone to discuss their legal situation and advise them if legal representation is right for them.

Currently we accept cash and checks. (debit/credit payment options on the way!)

Why Choose Me?

For me, a lot of what an attorney does is provide a customer service and that means providing an open ear, clear communication, and trust. To serve you best and get the results you want, I will work closely with you through every step of the legal process giving you the comfort and confidence that you are not alone.
I believe that everyone should be able to afford quality legal representation. People often feel that they pay far too much for far too little and sometimes don’t even understand what they were billed for exactly. To me, it is extremely important for everyone to understand what they are paying for and I provide detailed invoices that account for every single minute spent on your case.
No attorney can guarantee a specific outcome for any particular case but I believe in getting what you paid for. By speaking with you and reviewing your legal issues I will always ask what is most important to you so that I can provide you with all the legal options and practical advice necessary to protect your rights and interests.