Data Collection and Privacy on Framness Law

Visit Data Collection

This website collects standard technical information (your public IP address, the browser you are using, your computer’s operating system, your device type, general location, etc) about your visit and that information is shared with third parties for the purposes of analyzing website usage. This data is secured by our partner and shared with us in anonymous fashion. The third party uses that data to gauge website popularity, performance, and usability. Framness Law and it website partner use the data to measure website usage and performance. Usage of this website implies consent to the collection of your visit data.

In addition, Framness Law and its website partner at their discretion may utilize other third party services to augment the functionality of this website. Those additional services may in turn collect data from your visit.

Contact Form Submission

If you submit a contact form any information you enter into that form will be saved in a private area of the website accessible only to Framness Law and its agents. Agents of Framness Law may view the form submission data on an as needed basis.

In addition, the websites sends e-mail notification of form submissions. The e-mail contains your e-mail address, the subject and a request to review the submission. The e-mail does not contain any information from the subject area of your submission.

Best Efforts to Secure the Data

Framness Law and its website partner will make their best efforts to keep the website and its data secure, but can offer no guarantees against the breach of this website by malevolent parties.